Quick Bites: White Carrot Cake

There’s nothing quite like waking up late on a Sunday afternoon. As I’m on a 90% gluten-free diet, the usual breakfast choices are out of the question (I dream of bread these days…). Thank goodness I can always rely on a plate of good old white carrot cake to get me going.

Much unlike the western sweet cake that most people know and love, White Carrot Cake (also known locally as Chai Tow Kway) is made from rice flour and shredded daikon (white radish), and is cooked in garlic, chilli and Chye Poh (preserved turnip). Super simple and super yummy. And easy on the wallet too… a decent portion will cost you $2, and if you’re hungrier upsized portions are only about a dollar more.

I could probably eat this everyday.